We are more than just a team

We are friends with similar interests that work together to build robots and spread STEM values in our community

A picture of last year's robot


FTC is designed for students in grades 7-12 to compete head to head, using a sports model. Teams are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.

FTC #3415

Every year, team 3415 Livingston Lancer Robotics competes in the FTC seasonal challenge. For many years, we have honed in on our skills; we design, build, program, and improve a robot to fulfill the tasks put forth by the FIRST Tech Challenge!


Last year’s challenge was called Cascade Effect. This challenge composed of a center goal, which can be manipulated to release several scoring elements onto the field. The robot must collect these elements and deposit them into rolling containers of different heights, located at the corners of the field. Additional game elements, including a ramp, were used to coordinate additional points.

Our Leaders


Who are we?

A bunch of highschoolers making robots and spreading STEM

The Livingston Lancers robotics team is a place where our club members get a chance to program and build robots and they get a chance to participate in competitions. This is a very competitive club in which only the most determinable thrive.

Who are the Lancers? The Lancers are a FIRST Team, proudly hailing from Livingston, New Jersey. We have competed in numerous competitions in the past and will continue to compete in First Tech Challenges. FTC is all about collaboration, and that’s exactly what we idolize. As a team, it is in our definition to work together to solve problems. This is not limited to just our respective roles. It is often that people of different roles work together to achieve a common goal. Our building and programming teams collaborate the most strongly, as they depend on one another for a working robot.


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